Gain a Head Start in Delivering Value Using the ArcGIS Utility Network Management Extension

Esri Utility Network

Key Benefits | Beginning Your Journey

The ArcGIS Utility Network Management Extension is a groundbreaking transformation of enterprise GIS technology with a modernized data model, desktop, and web applications. Utility Network enables electric, gas, water, stormwater, and sewer system owners and operators to increase the return on investment their Geographic Information System (GIS) delivers to employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, and other stakeholders, both in the office and in the field.

With an effective and well planned strategy, utilities can accelerate the generation of short and long term value across their organizations. Avineon’s Head Start Program provides a methodical and tailored approach to strategize, plan, and deploy Utility Network technology. The key tenants of the program are:

  • Assess Business Impact: Gain a deeper understanding of the new data model, software capabilities, and impact to your business.
  • Update Plan and Road Map: Update your GIS strategic plan and road map to align your technology plan with Utility Network capabilities, business needs, and industry trends.
  • Optimize Investments: Intelligently evaluate your current and upcoming GIS budgets to ensure that they align with the Utility Network features and ArcGIS road map.
  • Refine Workflows: Modify current editing and data workflows and integrations to ease the transition of data and applications to Utility Network.
  • Validate and Deliver Value: Execute programs/project to validate and deploy Utility Network technology.

As an active participant and contributor in Esri’s early adopter program, and with over two years of experience in assisting customers with Utility Network evaluation, preparation, and planning, Avineon is ready to assist your GIS and IT teams with our Head Start program. This flexible program can be tailored according to your objectives for:

  • Employee Education
  • Strategic Planning and Architecture Validation
  • Deployment and Support

We have successfully delivered this program to utility companies and our services include:

  • Workshops Covering Strategy, Business Process, Technology, and Architecture.
  • Utility Network Data Model Development and Migration.
  • Utility Network Data Readiness Assessment and Recommendations.
  • Utility Network Architecture and Hosting Using On-Premise and/or Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Short Term and Long Term Tactical Planning for Delivering Value from Utility Network.

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