Avineon's comprehensive approach to the
ArcGIS Utility Network Management Extension
encompasses Esri technology backed by Avineon expertise


Implementing the ArcGIS Utility Network Management Extension will be a foundational shift for your enterprise towards the digital vision. A successful implementation builds resilience and provides an opportunity to realize value from technology innovations occurring in the marketplace. With Avineon’s Implementation Program you can:


Provide methodical design services for VDIs, network, server, data center, and cloud configurations, enabling users to accomplish the desired level of load shifts between desktop, web, mobile, and online usage patterns

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Establish a horizon looking data model designed to meet current and future outcomes that embrace Esri recommended migration patterns and best practices

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Enhance and maintain the fidelity of data (assets and networks) by converting them into 2D/3D datasets

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Allow customers to migrate easily across desktop, web, and mobile applications


Deploy modeling capabilities for associations, containments, terminals, and linear referencing

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Our Approach

Avineon’s approach is centered around partnering with your GIS/IT teams and suppliers to deliver excellence for your end user communities from the ArcGIS Utility Network Management Extension. The outputs from the Design Program lead to an effective and efficient Implementation Program. Avineon will assist you in executing a well-defined process to modernize your hardware and software, customize your data model, and perform any necessary configuration and integration. It will also include technology assessments, business process improvements, change management, training, and user acceptance to help you align with your core values on safety, reliability, and efficiencies.

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