GeoBIM enabling digitalization for Ajman Municipality

Are you one of the many municipalities that is struggling with a manual, long, and inefficient building design validation and approval process? Are you trying to start your journey towards a BIM-based design validation and approval process in an easily accessible and seamless environment? Is a lot of legacy building design information still handled in paper format or as independent […]

Preserving the Everglades

A Baseline for Future Restoration

Action starts with observation…The Water Resources Department (WRD) for the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians focused on this strategy for the degraded 9,000-acre marsh located within the Tribe’s territory in Broward County, Florida. With a goal of monitoring, preserving, and restoring the habitat of the Everglades, the Miccosukee WRD was looking for a partner who […]

City Visualization

Detailed 3D Maps for the City of Brussels

Nowadays city stakeholders (companies, inhabitants, urban planners, city agencies etc.) have an increasing need to plan, view and simulate various aspects of the environment, weather, growth, and density of a city. The issues that require cities consider 3D models include shadow or noise impact, wave propagation, a line of sight analysis, […]

Program Management Office Support

Using SharePoint to Manage and Standardize Processes for Sites within the US Marine Corps System Command (MCSC)

As a part of their mission to support, equip, and sustain marine operating forces and forces preparing to deploy, the United States Marine Corps System Command (MCSC) needed a centralized system to allow Product Managers and Assistant Program Managers to follow standardized […]