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  • Spatial Eye Telecom data

    The Value of Network Data Aggregation

    A holistic view of the entire broadband service provider network Amongst the many business and operational challenges broadband service providers experience today, one of the key challenges is how to aggregate all the pertinent network and business information stored in disparate GIS, CAD, IoT and OSS/BSS systems. With aggregated information, companies can establish a complete, holistic view of their service network and make enterprise level strategic business decisions. In today’s “best of [...]

  • Leveraging timelines

    Leveraging Timelines

    Pushing Sales with Spatial Data Warehouses A spatial data warehouse can periodically consolidate spatial and non-spatial data from multiple systems to build a timeline of a customer, asset, work, and outage data. This, in turn, can provide snapshots of events or historical trends over a given timeframe. With lead generation, a spatial data warehouse can elegantly summarize and spotlight areas to target new customers as data from disparate systems is organized into [...]

  • structural fabrication feature

    Structural Fabrication Works

    The Transformation Phase of Conceptualized Complex Architecture to Reality Be it the Brooklyn Bridge or the Burj Khalifa (Dubai Tower), it is now an established fact that the fabrication work phase is an essential part of complex engineering projects. Rolling back the history of engineering activities, detailing occupies a prominent place and is a guiding path for the smooth and safe execution of installation/construction. Previously, detailing activities were performed by hand sketching [...]

  • telecom data transformation

    From Physical to Online

    Moving a Telecom’s Network Asset Data to an Enterprise GIS Deciding to move to an enterprise GIS is usually an easy decision, especially if the goal is to really achieve a full “end-to-end” model of all your network asset connectivity. If rolling out nationwide faster broadband is the frontier, then the need for a network asset connectivity model is no longer a decision of should you move to an enterprise GIS but [...]

  • Miccosukee

    Preserving the Everglades

    A Baseline for Future Restoration Action starts with observation…The Water Resources Department (WRD) for the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians focused on this strategy for the degraded 9,000-acre marsh located within the Tribe’s territory in Broward County, Florida. With a goal of monitoring, preserving, and restoring the habitat of the Everglades, the Miccosukee WRD was looking for a partner who could: Create and maintain a baseline for the Everglades region and Evaluate the [...]