Pushing Sales with Spatial Data Warehouses

A spatial data warehouse can periodically consolidate spatial and non-spatial data from multiple systems to build a timeline of a customer, asset, work, and outage data. This, in turn, can provide snapshots of events or historical trends over a given timeframe. With lead generation, a spatial data warehouse can elegantly summarize and spotlight areas to target new customers as data from disparate systems is organized into a meaningful view for sales staff.

Piedmont Natural Gas (PNG), an energy utility serving more than a million residential and business customers in the Carolinas and Tennessee, partnered with Avineon to implement an enterprise-wide browser based system that leverages spatial data warehouse technology from GE/Spatial Eye in a project which yielded impressive savings in time and money for PNG’s sales staff and valuable insights into the power of spatial data warehouses.

A spatial data warehouse offers the advantage of simplicity to be both self-service and automated. That empowers PNG’s personnel to query the database on their own to see map-based or tabular information or generate analysis across various systems with customized information delivered to specific departments. This can be detailed parcel data of a potential customer or targeted searches over various regions in the service area.

Spatial Data Warehouse

View Timeline of Area Changes by Specific Areas in a Service Region

Spatial Data Warehouse

Detailed Information about a Parcel of Land

A major value driver for the spatial data warehouse-based system was the ability to consolidate location related information in one place, including GIS-based data and service information, without having to instigate a field visit. This included access to land rights information and changes to the circuit coverage through new construction that further empowered sales staff to identify new leads in an ever changing service region and intelligently form campaigns all within one interface.

Spatial Data Warehouse
Spatial Data Warehouse

Identify Leads in Select Areas and Generate the Most Impactful Campaigns

The spatial data warehouse-based web solution is fast, easy to use, and intuitive for PNG. Within six months of going live, PNG went from 50 users of the system to more than 500 users across the entire utility. The value of the rapid adoption of the spatial data warehouse by PNG’s sales team generated no fewer than 7,500 leads in those initial six months – a significant improvement over any previous process for lead generation.

In all, Avineon, with implementation team members, delivered a flexible, scalable and rapidly created an enterprise-wide system that leveraged a spatial data warehouse to PNG that has provided measurable improvements to the business, especially in lead generation. With the success of this initial scope, PNG hopes to enhance their web-based system to garner further benefits from spatial data warehouses.