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Location matters! GIS: more than “just maps”

Uncovering relationships in your data and gaining insights

More than ever, geospatial knowledge is critical to get the insights you need from your data. Although maps are an important data source in GIS, and a way to visualize the results, GIS is about so much more. It is about understanding the dynamic relationships between big volumes of data. It is […]

The Holy Grail of BIM

Automating the Gap Between CAD Drawings Through Revit to a Geo-Enabled BIM

Long considered the biggest hurdle to a true enterprise geo-enabled BIM (Building Information Model), transitioning legacy CAD drawings to a geo-referenced BIM Model has always been a cost-prohibitive and substantial roadblock to true BIM acceptance across municipalities and governments.


Mark 811 ArcGIS Widget for Facility Owners, Operators, and Contractors

Simplifying Processes for Safety and Damage Prevention

For utilities of all types, Call Before You Dig (Call 811) systems and related processes are crucial for safety and preventing damage to underground infrastructure. The Common Grid Association (CGA), dedicated to protecting underground utility lines and the safety of people, provides best practices for one call centers, […]

Data Readiness Strategies for Utilities and Telecommunications

Realigning data lifecycle for sustainable value

Data readiness is a critical aspect of digital strategy. Especially within infrastructure-heavy industries, data associated with physical assets and networks in the field can play an important role in generating revenue, delivering customer satisfaction, and serving communities.

Utility and telecommunication companies managing electric, gas, cable, fiber, wireless, water, wastewater, and stormwater […]

L’intêret d’agréger les données du réseau

obtenir une vue d’ensemble du réseau d’un fournisseur de services à haut débit

De nos jours, les fournisseurs de services à haut débit sont confrontés à de nombreux défis commerciaux et opérationnels. L’un d’entre eux consiste à agréger toutes les informations relatives au réseau et à l’entreprise, qui sont stockées dans des systèmes SIG, CAO, IoT […]

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