Circuit Cards Using Insights and Metrics Extension for ArcGIS

A clear view into how assets and loads on a network (electric, gas, water, wastewater, telecom, etc.) are changing over time is vital for planning and optimizing network reliability and performance.

Until now, tracking these changes by circuit over time was a complex task as new construction and maintenance work was posted to the GIS. With 10.5 release of the Esri platform, GIS users now have the capability to view circuit and asset changes over time.

A mid-size southwest utility considered these new capabilities as an opportunity to empower end users with the self-service capability to analyze assets and loads on electric circuits from their Esri GIS.

With a reputation of creating innovative visualizations applications and expertise with Esri technology as well as the in-house developed tools, Avineon was engaged by the utility to define and demonstrate an efficient approach through a proof-of-concept.

Avineon recently completed this proof-of-concept by creating Circuit Cards accessible through web browser. Esri’s Insights for ArcGIS application as well as Avineon’s Metrics Extension to ArcGIS for Server provided the spatial analytics and visualization capabilities for the Circuit Cards. The results are impressive and illustrate the untapped potential of spatial data, traditionally used only for creating maps.

GIS Search

With Circuit Cards, the end-users at the utility were able to easily answer:

  • What assets and load do they have on a circuit on a given date?

  • Which circuits changed recently?

  • What types of changes were made on the circuits?

Asset and Load Summaries by Circuit

Asset and Load Summaries by Circuit

Updates By Circuit

Updates by Circuit

The proof-of-concept provided GIS/IT staff at the utility with an innovative approach to automate the scheduling, publication, and sharing of spatial analytics and trends to GIS users through ArcGIS Portal. With Avineon’s help, utilities can derive more value from the investments already made into systems like an Esri GIS.

Spatial Analytics

With a partner like Avineon, utilities can take advantage of the opportunity to make Circuit Cards for their workforce to create more meaningful experiences with digital products. Circuit Maps effectively answered the where for utility personnel, we now see the possibility for Circuit Cards answering what in an eloquent and meaningful way for the workforce going through the journey of digital transformation.