Leveraging the Value of ArcFM

A Smart Migration for a Tailored Enterprise GIS

In an effort to move to a more efficient asset management solution, a leading electric and water utility client in Western Asia approached Avineon. The client was looking to develop an intelligent migration strategy along with custom tools and training to leverage the complete capabilities of ArcFM.

After a number of workshops and client interviews, Avineon architected an ArcFM geodatabase model, which encompassed an enterprise view of the utility’s service region and a specialized phased approach. The key focus was on the migration strategy, by limiting downtime and operational risk. Avineon also created a roadmap to develop custom tools for data quality reviews and a web portal using ArcGIS Server that would maximize the value of ArcFM for the client.

ArcFM Go Live Events

In the first phase, Avineon audited the current Esri geodatabase and created automated tools to identify deltas between as-is and to-be data systems. Additional information on the differences between the as-is and to-be data helped Avineon build a more accurate timeline for migration as well as anticipate possible discrepancies with transformed data in the live environment.

In the second phase, Avineon evaluated the viability of the live environment with systems across the utility before officially moving to the new tailored enterprise GIS with the ArcFM solution. This minimized the impact of rolling out the new tailored GIS across the utility and limited the downtime of the whole migration process.

A Smart Migration for a Tailored Enterprise GIS

In the final phase of the migration strategy, Avineon created custom and automated tools for the client. These tools were used to test the quality of the data in the new asset management system and the impact of data quality on the ArcFM/ArcGIS Server. The tools provided access to rich functionality with data editing and version management options on the web. The creation of these tools, in parallel to the training sessions (provided to network planning staff on ArcFM designer configurations), allowed the utility client to quickly achieve a return on its investment in ArcFM soon after the migration was completed.