Program Management Office Support

Using SharePoint to Manage and Standardize Processes for Sites within the US Marine Corps System Command (MCSC)

As a part of their mission to support, equip, and sustain marine operating forces and forces preparing to deploy, the United States Marine Corps System Command (MCSC) needed a centralized system to allow Product Managers and Assistant Program Managers to follow standardized processes for business workflows and overall site management.

But thats just the start…

With various products and programs scattered throughout Program Management Office of the Marine Command, Control, and Communications division (PM MC3), managing the migration of sites from legacy systems while ensuring horizontal/vertical collaboration and visibility required a well designed, developed, and administered enterprise environment. PM MC3 engaged Avineon to develop and administer a fully-functional and integrated SharePoint Portal as a means to further achieve the agency’s mission.

Develop policies, and plans

Upon contract award, Avineon developed an enterprise governance and change management policy that the agency used to develop, deploy, and support its SharePoint infrastructure. This policy governed migration of legacy sites into the new enterprise MC3 environment and sustainment of all MC3 sites. The document defined the electronic Configuration Control Board (eCCB) process used to validate all requested system changes, prioritize development tasks, and vet any new system requirements.

Careful Analysis and Custom Development

After reviewing the overall organization of PM MC3 and the numerous sites used across the agency, Avineon created a plan to develop an integrated enterprise MC3 SharePoint environment and associated knowledge management activities. Avineon analyzed business processes, designed SharePoint workflows, developed SharePoint applications, maintained document and file storage, and designed the web and graphical content. Avineon coordinated multiple SharePoint site collections within PM MC3, for a total of 350 sub-sites that are visited and used for business automation by over 3,000 users. With the overall topography of the programs and products of the PM MC3 defined, Avineon then created an overarching web application to manage all of the sites within the agency to integrate and standardize functionality across all the SharePoint sites.

ArcFM Go Live Events

Avineon also implemented a process to develop a SharePoint Request Site, which provides a single tool to manage user requests, requirements for changes or new capabilities, prioritization of requirements, assignment of developers to specific changes, testing assignments and results, and deployment decisions for capabilities. This system and tool was used to successfully vet requirements and track progress on 11 different development projects initiated and completed for MC3 after the SharePoint implementation.

SharePoint Implementation

Throughout the engagement, Avineon met all major deliverable and milestone schedules. Avineon kept the PM MC3 apprised of the project plan and updated the status of deliverables in an overall Monthly Status Reports (MSRs) to deliver the project on time and on budget while achieving 100% performance on service level objectives.