A holistic view of the entire broadband service provider network

Amongst the many business and operational challenges broadband service providers experience today, one of the key challenges is how to aggregate all the pertinent network and business information stored in disparate GIS, CAD, IoT and OSS/BSS systems. With aggregated information, companies can establish a complete, holistic view of their service network and make enterprise level strategic business decisions. In today’s “best of breed” enterprise solution landscape, having aggregated data and up-to-date information about the business and the network operations can supply service providers with business intelligence that allows them to stay ahead of the competition and manage the day-to-day operations much more efficiently.

Still many broadband service providers continue to derive business intelligence from various sources through manual, disconnected efforts and extrapolation. Whereas, a single solution aggregation can deliver better, more accurate and actionable results for the business. Analysis of aggregated network, IoT, business and demographic data can provide organizations with the ability to generate a wide range of analysis and reports vital for today’s broadband service provider.

Below are a few examples of what a single solution aggregation of data sources can provide:

  • Service qualification responses can be delivered rapidly via desktop survey while eliminating unnecessary truck rolls.
  • Rapid planning for future network upgrades, new service offerings, and network expansions by identifying desirable customers in geographic regions within service areas.
  • Proactively identifying physical and logical network capacity issues through reports and thematic representation before any expensive capacity improvements.
  • Identify data integrity issues (geographic and non-geographic) between systems of record that could lead to unforeseen operational expenses when technicians reach the field to do their jobs.
  • Analyze aggregated data from the physical network, IoT and enterprise network monitoring sources as a first step to accomplishing proactive network maintenance.
  • Warehouse aggregated data from all sources to a single operational data store to analyze network growth from year to year.

Broadband service provider’s businesses, networks, and offerings are rapidly evolving due to increasing consumer demand for broadband access and network speeds. Due to this ever-increasing demand, it becomes imperative to manage the engineering architecture, operational workflows, and software to efficiently maintain optimal networks.

Special Eye

Thanks to the pioneering solution suite developed by Spatial Eye and over two decades of GIS expertise from Avineon, broadband service providers now have a partner to assist them in their continued evolution.

While Spatial Eye’s solution suite provides a single access point for service providers to access and analyze aggregated data, Avineon provides expertise in consulting, GIS and non-GIS data services for business empowerment. Together, the result is a client-centric solution experience that allows broadband service providers to make more informed business decisions. They also reap the benefits of having a valuable services partner who understands their business and the world’s evolving data landscape.